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Products & features of My Constant: Peer to peer lending

2 months ago
My Constant

In the beginning, My Constant was a Stablecoin project. They have also done the development of a borderless, stable, & and efficient stable digital currency that was backed by the US Dollar. The Stablecoins of this company have facilitated people with stability in their troubled economies. It has cut the cost of international transfers, has served every person with access to their free USD account, and it has also slashed the processing times from day to minute. But, they didn’t want to end here and wanted to do more.

They were desired of assisting people in growing their money. Just like the rest of the world, they have gone through the problems that were associated with traditional banking e.g. huge fees, miserable interest rates, the slow and inefficient systems. So, they have just begun to think about how they could pay a huge amount of interest rate on their stable coins.

As they all are well aware that digital currencies are versatile and used to move freely, rapidly, and are also protected by blockchain technology. So, they could also put those efficiency savings into their work?

After having a lot of discussions, they have done the set up of their sights on an industry that until now was possessing a mixed reputation that is Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending.

As they have seen it the problem with P2P lending was extreme centralization and very little use of collateral. P2P lenders were doing the same thing that was done by banks e.g. evaluation of risk, setting rates, and so on. This in turn ultimately takes all the control away from the customer. So, they have decided to build a P2P lending platform that would do just two things. The first thing is to serve you with all the control over your terms, rates, and amounts. My Constant is the only P2P lending platform all over the world to facilitate this.

And the second is that they secure all lending with collateral. This in turn serves your funds with the protection. It means that they never perform credit checks. My Constant that is a well-known P2P lending platform is internationally recognized as one of the most transparent, flexible, & rewarding.

My Constant is indulged in connecting borrowers with investors for doing business together. Crypto collateral backs the funds of the investors while their custodial partner is safely managing the movement of collateral and funds.

Products And Features of My Constant


Deposit Money Online

Here in My Constant, you are facilitated to deposit your money online for earning interest that is compounded and paid every second. You can deposit your USD online very easily into your My Constant account with the assistance of their licensed custodian, Prime Trust.

You are also served to earn an automatic 4% APY interest that is compounded and paid every second, or you can also store it in an insured escrow. You will be eligible for linking up to your two US bank accounts for ACH transfers with the help of Plaid without having to pay any fees.

Lend Money Online

Now you can lend your money online for earning up to 20x better interest than a Certificate of Deposit (CD). If you will lend money online through My Constant then you will be able to earn up to 7% APR by doing investment in P2P loans to businesses and people all over the world. You can also withdraw your money anytime just for free or you can do an investment in a fixed-term loan for earning the best rates. All of your lendings will be backed by cryptocurrency collateral without having to pay any fees.

Online Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet

Get the online multi-cryptocurrency wallet for borrowing and lending money with My Constant Peer-to-Peer lending platform. You are facilitated to deposit stable coins and cryptocurrencies to your My Constant wallet. You will also be able to earn an automatic 4% APY on all USD that is backed by stable coin deposits. You will be getting an instant multi-collateral credit line from just 6% APR.

Lend Cryptos To Earn Interest

You will be able to earn interest on your cryptos with the My Constant P2P crypto lending platform. You can lend your cryptocurrencies for earning up to 7% APR. When you will receive interest in PRV, then you can also unlock the best rate. Otherwise, you can earn 4% APY in BTC, BNB, or ETH that is compounded and paid to you on a per-second basis. Here you will be facilitated to withdraw your principal and interest anytime. All of your lent amounts will be backed by My Constant and they give a guarantee of that.

The guarantee of My Constant defines a preset limit of investment within which My Constant can do the protection of your precious invested funds from loss or theft while it is the custody of third parties.

Crypto-Backed Loans

My Constant facilitates you to get a Crypto-backed loan against multi-coin collateral. You are served to borrow against your multi-crypto portfolio in only minutes for just 6% APR. You can withdraw in flat, stable coins, or you can also trade your loan for cryptocurrency at the best suitable prices. When you repay, your collaterals are securely stored and returned. There is no requirement for any trading fees or exchanges. You are also served on this platform to trade or cash in the value of your portfolio without selling these up.

Short Selling

Here for doing short-selling firstly you are required to do the selection of crypto that you are desired to short. My Constant is indulged in supporting ETH, BTC, and BNB pairs. Then you can transfer your USD to your short-selling balance. If you are not having USD in your account, then you are required to first deposit it.

You are then required to set stop loss and take your profit prices. You have to make the selection of upper and lower price points for the protection of your gains and for limiting the losses. Then My Constant will sell your cryptos at the market prices. All the proceeds will then go back to your USD short-selling balance. You can then repay the crypto, pocketing any difference. If your prediction also pays you off then you can keep your profits.

Withdrawal of USD

You can withdraw USD to your bank account or instantly as your gift card with the help of My Constant. You can also withdraw funds to your bank accounts by the means of ACH, Wire, or you can also withdraw these as a gift card. You will get up to 3% cashback on 40+ retailers. All the withdrawals are inclusive of gift cards and these are also free and unlimited.

Withdrawal of Crypto & Stablecoins

With the assistance of My Constant, you are served to withdraw cryptos and stable points to your wallet. You will also be able to send stable points and cryptocurrencies to any compatible wallet. Simply you are required to do the selection of the crypto, amount, and then you have to enter the address. Then you will hit send and ultimately your funds will be on their way to you.

Gift Cards

You are required to select from 40+ retailers and you can save up to 3% on gift cards. Instant digital delivery is also available to you. You will be served to shop and save up to 3% at your favorite brands and restaurants with the assistance of My Constant Gift Cards. You are required to choose a retailer and then you will be ultimately facilitated to get your card in just a few seconds without paying any fees.

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