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A Travel Guide For Those Who Are Planning A Trip In The Summer Season

4 months ago
fiji trip

Not just the islands in Fiji but also the pristine beaches, cuisine lakes, and unique features make Fiji a commendable place for planning your trip. Fiji is having around 900 smaller islands along with two main islands which are named Vanua Levu & Viti Levu.

But then it often comes in each one of our minds that could be the best time for visiting Fiji. Fiji in the months of June can prove to be the most beneficial time for all the visitors. June is known as the ideal time for visiting Fiji. Taking the
weather, crowd, and prices into consideration, it has been found that visiting Fiji in June is beneficial for visitors.

Weather in Fiji in June

When we are planning a small weekend or vacation, the first thing that we look at is the weather. The reason is that the weather decodes a huge amount of things about our holidays. Whether also determines the kinds of clothes we are required to carry with us, the types of activities and the views that can be captured by us.

fiji weather
Fiji Weather In June Month

Weather also assists us in the determination of places that can be visited by us. So, overall the weather is so much important for our trip. Most often, the month of June is considered one of the best months for visiting Fiji.

The month of June in Fiji is combined with the dry season and hot temperature simultaneously. It basically results in a proper tropical season. The reason is that the weather is both dry as well as warm. It in turn makes it suitable for the visitors to enjoy and to roam around the places without causing any discomfort.

There are numerous activities that can be done in June in Fiji like scuba diving, surfing, etc. It makes the vacation more happening and exciting. Apart from this, the temperature of the sea is also very favorable for the visitors. The reason is that it facilitates you in spending a huge amount of relaxing hours nearby the beach.

Thus, the weather of Fiji in June is one of the best weather for packing your bags and for enjoying your weekends.

Why Should You Visit Fiji In June

why fiji

There are a huge number o reasons which make the month of June the best month for visiting Fiji. Taking into consideration all the facts such as season, activities, crowd, weather, etc. it has been found that June has proved to be the best time for vacations for visitors. Given below are some of the reasons that will tempt you for visiting Fiji:

  • The weather in June seems like a tropical one. It is a combination of dry and hot temperatures.
  • The temperature of this month remains much more favorable. It results in enhancing the fun over the beach along with other water bodies.
  • The weather may also assist in activities like scuba diving, surfing, etc.
  • The crowd also used to remain very favorable.

Cost of Traveling to Fiji in June

fiji travel cost

Food, traveling, and accommodation are the main typical costs that are incurred by the tourists. So, if you are in search of the cheapest to well-branded hotels in Fiji in June, then this place is having a huge variety of hostels that are ranging from 15-50 Fijian Dollars per night.

Here, you can also find the cheap meals in Fiji that could be around 4 FJD. And if you would opt for a restaurant, then your meal could cost you around 10 FJD.

Apart from these costs, the activity that you are planning for enjoying used to vary around from 200 FJD to 500 FJD. However, when you are exploring the culture of Fiji, museums, and national parks the entry would be cheap here that is usually around 15 FJD.

Top 5 Places For Visiting In Fiji in June

Fiji is one of the most fantastic places that are there with lots of beautiful destinations that can blow away your mind. There are world-famous mesmerizing islands in Fiji that can set you on fire. For assisting you with a better understanding, given below are the five most perfect places that you should not miss in Fiji in June:

1. Fiji Museum

It consists of island culture and historical aspects of Fiji. The Fiji Museum is a great choice for exploring its heritage. It is having great features, & the peace of this place will make you fall in love with this place.

2. Sigatoka Sand Dunes

As it is close to the famous Sigatoka River, these sand dunes on Fiji island are extremely interesting and exciting. It is certain that when you are at this place, you are facilitated to see the wind that is blowing in your ears, and that makes you feel the real natural beauty. This place is known as the perfect one for lovers of nature.

3. Taveuni Hill Fort

Taveuni Hill Fort is one of the most romantic places in Fiji. It is considered the ideal place for a honeymoon. It was built in the 18th century and still, it leads the hearts of the visitors.

4. Musket Cove Marina

Marina is one of the most popular attractions of Fiji. And anyone this place at the most, since many activities can be done at this place. There are numerous houses that are inside this place which supports hot shower baths, book swaps, bicycle contracts, and much more. Thus, Musket Cove Marina is the most lovely place for tourists.

5. Snake God Cave

Snake God Caves are one of the biggest attractions of Fiji. The name of this is inspired by the six sparkling snakeheads. This place can blow the mind of people and these can also make your eyes amazed. This place is completely filled with unusual happenings and adventures.

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