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About Us

Who are we?

Connect Fiji is a website designed to connect the Fijian people worldwide who have the same interest areas. We’ve put significantly in conveying a committed, customized service that our clients can rely upon, and By giving customized service, we can more likely satisfy every client’s need. works in Fijian culture and is known for its dependability and capacity to meet individuals’ prerequisites. We endeavor to stay aware of changes in the business just as individuals’ requirements. We’re glad to develop our organization gradually. For the present, we have a little, however devoted group who are, for the most part, energetic about their work and are completely dedicated to giving you the best encounters accessible. The focal point of information and data for our Fijian individuals. Including the most recent news, occasions, and openings in Fiji and across the globe.

What matters for us?

Our priority and motive are to serve the Fijian people worldwide with the best we can. Our passion for helping you is equaled by our commitment to preserving the Fijian culture. Protecting the Fijian culture, places and fostering community groups’ positive benefits is built into our company’s DNA. Check out our website’s content and services for details. Rest assured that every component of our website has been researched and selected to support Fijian culture, people, and society in this transforming world and protect Fiji’s unique character.

What do we do?

We provide daily Fijian news that will help you to get updated about what happens around Fiji. There is a lot of things that you can do by just signing up and creating your profile with us like you can post all your activities and receive messages about all your activities.We provide you with blogs of different beats like Fashion, photography, Automotive, Technology, Announcement, Cooking, Birds, Painting, Games, and many more. We provide you with an event section that helps you get notified about the events happening near you so that you can never miss a chance to connect with your community’s people. We have a section of our featured products to buy books and other resources according to your need or will.

What is Fiji for us?

If you consider Fiji and picture an island desert spring, you’d be right on this spot. Picture loungers influence the breeze between two coconut trees, agreeable, energetic neighborhood culture and individuals, intriguing towns, and wild wilderness that closes where brilliant seashore starts. Fiji is set in the South Pacific Ocean, under 4 hours flight east of Brisbane and Sydney. It comprises more than 330 islands and is encircled by Vanuatu and New Caledonia
toward the west, Samoa and Tonga toward the east, and New Zealand toward the south. Every one of Fiji’s islands brags a mind-blowing scene. Rich tropical and pine vegetation is spread across the inside grounds, and white sandy seashores fold over the coasts. Flawless blue-green waters house vibrant, delicate coral reefs, and there are deep drop-offs, ideal for jumping and fishing. Just barely more than 100 of the country’s islands are for all time possessed. Its significant islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu hold the greater part of the country’s general population of almost 900,000 individuals. The nation welcomes as many as 750,000 guests to its shores each year. Every one of those is blessed to receive a warm and inviting brand of friendliness.

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